Hearing Services

Hearing Services

We provide a full spectrum of hearing services to better meet your hearing needs. Do not hesitate to contact us today! We provide all our customers with follow-up care. In order to adjust to your new hearing aids it is very important to continue to visit your hearing care professional until you are completely satisfied and comfortable.

  • Amplified Telephone, Telephone Systems and Other Assistive Listening Devices
  • Batteries and Accessories
  • Comprehensive Hearing Exams and Screenings
  • Digital and Programmable Hearing Aids
  • Free demonstrations of the latest hearing aid technologies
  • In-house and Manufacturer Repairs
  • Care Credit Financing
  • Professional & Friendly Service

Hearing Test

Comprehensive Same-Day Hearing Tests

We offer comprehensive hearing tests and counseling at our office in Opelika, AL. First, we provide pure tone assessments to ascertain your degree of hearing loss. However, people with the same hearing loss can have varying degrees of reported difficulty. We therefore also complete speech discrimination testing to determine how much your hearing loss is affecting your ability to hear and understand others.

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